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( Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalytic Candidate, Accrediated Couple Therapist, Psychotherapist,Supervisor & Instructor)

Degrees/ Institutions:

Continuing Education:

  • Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis- Psychoanalytic Training (2020-still)

  • Oxford University - Distance Learning courses (2021-still)

  • NSPC- Existential Academy London (2023-still)- Autism & ADHD Module


Graduate Programs:

  • Middlesex University-NSPC- MSc- Psychotherapy Studies (2022-still)

  • Kapadokya University- MA- Cultural Studies (2022- still)

  • İstanbul Bilgi University- MA/Graduated- Clinical Psychology


Undergraduate Program:

  • Boğaziçi University-   BA/ Guidance and Psychological Counseling- Honors Degree

Index of Continuing Educations:

Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis:

  • Projective Identification, Enactment, Reverie and Interpretation- Joseph Newirth, PhD- Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis-(2021)

  • Aesthetic Abilities, Primary Process and Metaphor- Marilyn Charles, PhD -Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis- (2021)

  • Trauma, Shame and Mourning- Peter Shabad, PhD- Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis- (2021)

  • Race, Social Class and Culture in Psychoanalytic Therapy- Neil Atman, PhD./CCP- (2022)

  • The Therapy Relationship: Countertransference, A Dialogue of Unconscious and Uses of The Self- Anthony Bass, PhD - Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis-(2022)

  • The Psychoanalytic Moment. Quantity, Affect, Representation, Time. - Dominique Scarfone, PhD Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis- (2022)

  • Perpetrator Ghosts, Persecutory Objects: The Inheritance of History.- Sue Grand, PhD. - Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis- (2022)

  • Winnicott an Relational Model of Holding. Joyce Slochower- PhD.- Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis- (2023-will be hold)

  • Personalty Differences and Their Implications for Psychotherapy. Nancy Mc Williams, PhD. Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis- (2023-will be hold)

University of Oxford:

  • Language and Identity- Dr Mariangela Spinello- University of Oxford- (2022)

  • An Introduction to Islam and Islamic Philosophy-  Dr Karim Esmail- University of Oxford- (2022)


    Introduction to Ethics: Philosophical Contributions- Dr. Roxana Baiasu- University of Oxford (2022 September-December)

  • Philosophy of Religion- University of Oxford - (2023-will be hold)

​Cardiff University:

  • Diseases and Disorders of Brain- Cardiff University -(2023-will be hold)


  • Pediatric Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- American Psychological Association (2014)

  • Attachment Theory, Psychopathology and Intervention Techniques - Radhika Santhanam Martin, Sadeq Rahimi, Jaswant Guzder (2013)

  • Narrative Psychotherapy- Cordinated by Dulwich Center, İstanbul (2014-2015)

  • Teletherapy in the time of Covid19. Jill Scharf, MD. & Ralph Fiskin Dr.

  • Psychoanalytic perspectives during massive community crisis- Jeff Taxman, Dr.

  • Existential Humanistic and Existential-Integrative Therapy- Kirk J Schneider, PhD- Zur Institue- (2022)

  • Existential Crisis of Motherhood- Existential Academy, London- (2022)

  • Adhd- Existential Academy, London- (2022)

  • Gender Fludity- Existential Academy, London- (2022)

Seminars as Participant:

  • IPA- The external reality in consultation room- 2022

  • CCP- Hedda Bolgar Series:Experiences of uprootedness in an unsafe world. Dogma and complexity. -2022

  • CCP- The Challenge of Loneliness: Lessons from Frieda Fromm-Reichmann’s Life and Work- 2022

  • CCP- Inaugural Comments and Tourists and Refugees: psychoanalysis and the experience of exile2022

  • CCP- The drives and civilization-2022

  • CCP- Lived Depth: Exploring dimensionality and Thirdness in Clinical Process- 2022

  • CCP-Maternal Envy as Legacy: Search for the Unknown Lost Maternal Object - 2022

  • CCP- Humiliation Is Not Just About the Intent to Shame and Degrade- 2022


  • First Turkish-Greek Existential Therapy Conference: Istanbul,2016

  • Working Psychosis With Existential Psychotherapy- Buenos Aires 2018

  • Further talks on Existential Issues (2018,2019,2020,2021; Istanbul -including online)


  • Frank Summers, PhD. (Divison 39) :Since 2015 (continues)

  • Charles Turk Ph D. - Group Consultation on Psychosis (2022- Continues)

  • Ferhat Jak İçöz: 2016-2021

MA Thesis:

  • Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Through Systemic, Existential and Analytic Perspectives: A Qualitative Study, İstanbul Bilgi University


  • Şenkal, Z., Yanartaş, Ö., Sönmez E., Subaşı, N., Aysun Arıcan, S., & Sayar, K. (2014). Olfactory reference syndrome developed after stressful life events and response to pharmacological treatment: Report of four cases. Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology.

  • Aysun Arıcan, S. (2020). Family therapy in obsessive compulsive disorder. In Akyıl, Y. (Ed.), Understanding Couple and Family Therapy. İstanbul, İstanbul Bilgi University Press.

  • Aysun Arıcan, H. S. & Yüksel, B. C. (2021).Sesi Duyulmayan Takıntı: Obsesif Kompulsif Bozukluğa Psikanalitik ve Varoluşsal Kuramlarla Bakış. İstanbul, Heyamola Yayınları.

  • Aysun Arıcan, H. S. (2022). Varlık ve Merak: Psikoterapide Merak Kavramı ve İşlevleri. İstanbul, Heyamola Yayınları.

Work Experience:

  • Private Psychiatry Clinical Practice- Kemal Sayar, PhD. / 2015-2021 December

  • Varoluşçu Akademi: 2016-2022 February

  • Private Practice- Since 2022 January (all online)

Volunteer Works:

  • Support Group with Syrian Refugee Women/ 2018, İstanbul/ 10 week/ Under referral of Istanbul Bilgi University Clinical Psychology Program

Experiences as Instructor:

  • Philosophical Reflections on Psychoanalytic Readings-(2019-2020 term, 2020-2021 term) (14 weeks)

  • Play Theory in Psychotherapy Room- (2021 June) (short course)

  • Clinical Case Study with Psychoanalytic and Existential Theories (2021-2022) (8 weeks)

  • Understanding Winnicottian Terms in Mental Health (2022 - 2 weeks)

  • Psychoanalytic- Existential Theories (2022 October- 2023 January- 8 weeks/ 2 different groups)

  • Embodiment and Psychoanalysis: Understanding Developmental Perspective (2023, April-June, 6 weeks)

  • Psychoanalysis- Philosophy: The Intersection in Room (2023- July)

  •  Introduction to Pscyhoanalytic and Existential Theory – 40 weeks group study- (started: 2024 March, 4 different group studies)


Areas of Interest:

  • Psychosis

  • Bipolar Disorder, Mood Disorders

  • Somatic Problems/ Somatic Disorders

  • Dissociation

  • Major Depression, Chronic Depression

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Relational Problems

  • Family Problems

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