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       Living in a different city, leaving the homeland, surviving through the different kinds of anxious factors including perfectionism, economic instability, terrorism, xhenophobia and more may be difficult for each of us. We may look functional; we may even be functional that no other can realize the pain that we carry within our inner worlds. We may be feeling anxiety, extreme terror, depression or more. We may even have no idea on what is going on in our lives.
       Everybody has a right to get help. 
       Everybody has a right to slow down, to look for what may be heavy to carry on.
       Please do not hesitate to contact if  you are experiencing these circumstances.
      I and many other collagues are ready and qualified to help you.
      Please remember that, little differences can make greater changes.
     We are offering help for:
           - Just counseling on life issues
           - Depression / Treatment Resistant Depression
           - Mood Swings
           -Anxiety Disorders / Treatment Resistant Anxiety Disorders
           -Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ((in collaboration with a psychiatrist when needed)
           - Individual  and Family Help
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